Activity Monitoring Console (AMC) Failed to Connect to Database From TAC

Talend Version          6.2.1


Activity Monitoring Console (AMC) Failed to Connect to Database From TAC
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Product Talend Data Integration
Component Activity Monitoring Console (AMC)
Article Type Configuration
Problem Description

After successfully creating a Database Connection, and clicking Check connection to verify the connectivity to the database, the Activity Monitoring Console fails with the Failed to connect database error:


In this case, the database that is accessed by the Activity Monitoring Console application is the Postgres database, but the problem can apply to any database type.

Problem root cause Talend documentation indicates that drivers libraries should be in lib folders: see Installing the database drivers under Talend Administration Center basic configuration for details.
Solution or Workaround

The solution is to copy the correct JDBC driver/library to the correct location.


For different web containers, the path is different. For example, in 6.2.1:

Container Path

.../WEB-INF/lib or .../WEB-INF/plugins/org.talend.amc.libraries_6.2.1.20160627_1625/lib/ext

You can also put the jar into the endorsed directory.

Standalone JBOSS .../standalone/tmp/work/jboss.web/default-host/amc/eclipse/plugins/org.talend.amc.libraries_6.0.1.20150908_1633/lib/ext
Pivotal TC Server .../amc/WEB-INF/plugins/org.talend.amc.libraries_6.2.1.20160627_1625/lib/ext


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Pretty sure you need to restart TAC/AMC, too.