A normal task fails to run with a 'Generated job not found' error in one of the TAC servers after a restart of a JobServer that is part of a virtual server


In TAC, a virtual server is created with two JobServers. TAC is clustered with two servers. Some normal tasks are deployed from TAC 1, and other normal tasks are deployed from TAC 2. You can run the tasks successfully from both TAC servers using Job conductor before a restart of one JobServer. This issue is observed only after a restart of one JobServer. The Generated job not found error is seen at Job conductor while starting the Job from the TAC server that is not used to generate the Job.



This issue is observed because the generatedJobs folder of TAC is not a shared location between the clustered TAC servers.



To resolve the issue, you can move the generated tasks from the generatedJobs folder of one TAC to the other TAC, though you can avoid the issue by creating a shared disk location for the generatedJobs folder. This allows both TACs to use the generated tasks.



  1. The path of generated Jobs is configured in TAC > Configuration page > Job Conductor > Generated jobs folder.
  2. Only normal tasks are created from TAC in this use case.
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