'400 Bad Request' error when publishing a Job from Studio to Nexus

Problem Description

You may see this or a similar issue when trying to publish to a Nexus Release repository from Studio:



Root Cause

The Nexus Release repository has a setting that prevents redeployment. This prevents the same version of a Job from being published. This setting can be found in Releases > Configuration > Deployment Policy.



There are two possible solutions:

  1. Update the Job version and publish.
  2. Change the Deployment Policy value in Nexus to Allow Redeploy.

    1. Navigate to your local Nexus folder (the default location is http://localhost:8091/nexus/).
    2. Select Views/Repositories > Repositories.
    3. Open Releases.
    4. Select Configuration.
    5. Under Acess Settings, change the Deployment Policy to Allow Redeploy:

      Screenshot (74).png



It's always advisable (though not required) to deploy or redeploy Jobs in Snapshot, and when the final build is ready, then deploy it to Releases.

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