trove.jar problem with manual installation of jboss-serialization.jar

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trove.jar problem with manual installation of jboss-serialization.jar

I am behind a corporate firewall, so I install all external modules manually.

While creating a job, the External modules popup told me that I was missing a few jars.

The first one was jboss-serialization.jar, so I downloaded it, unzipped it and installed it manually.

Then when I tried to run my job the external modules screen told me that I needed trove.jar

I downloaded and tried installing various versions of trove.jar from various repositories on the net.

None of them worked. The external Modules screen was still telling me to install trove.jar.

Then I went back to the local disk subdirectory where I had unzipped jboss-serialization.jar and noticed (at last) that there was a second jar hiding in there, called (yes, you guessed it) trove.jar.

I installed that version manually and my problem went away.

Clearly, there is something special about the version which arrives inside the same zip file as jboss-serialization.jar.





Re: trove.jar problem with manual installation of jboss-serialization.jar


Thanks for sharing your case about the hidden jar files with us on forum.

Best regards



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