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tMap retrieval of target schema metadata similar to xml import

I have the following simple example:
tOracleInput_1 --> tMap --> tMSSqlOutput_1
Repository Metadata
Repository Metadata
Just drag all three columns A,B,C over to a default output.

I would think from the tMap I could retrieve one or more target schemas. Since the generated sql statement uses the "column" and "values" declaration in my example above if you don't manually change the columns to X, Y, Z in the mapping you will get a sql error as expected. Is there a way to turn off the column declarations in the generated sql statement? This would mean I only have to have them in proper order and don't have to rename them all.
Often I am mapping multiple inputs to a single target with 50 to 100 fields. It would be great if I could pull the target schema in the tmap and then drag, drop, etc. I see you can do this albeit with a pre-defined xml file, but I already have the db connection / schema defined so why not use it. Feature request anyone?
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Re: tMap retrieval of target schema metadata similar to xml import

I found you can do this from the output component. Go to the output component once linked to your map and choose to edit the schema select all the fields and copy to the left this will save you the trouble of retyping the column names or messing with the xml import. The mapping component would still be nice if it could pull down the output connector(s) metadata, but this works.