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svn repository

How do verify my svn repository path
Seeing a bunch of errors
-bash-3.2$ ./svn --help svn: fatal: open failed: No such file or directory
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Re: svn repository

Are you on an enterprise/platform version (subscription) of Talend?
If so can you access Talend Administration Center? From there you can check the Configuration page:
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Re: svn repository

1. At first you need to install SVN correctly from your distribution repository. Your error message points to an incomplete SVN installation. It looks like you have copied an svn binary by hand.
$ sudo apt-get install subversion
2. Talend access an SVN repository usually via WebDAV = http. You need to know the http URL of your repository. You can use this URL also in a browser. In this case the browser will open a basic authentication dialog and then a simple file view.
A very good SVN server is CollabNet Subversion. This server is very easy to install and provides a very comfortable web based user interface. I suggest installing this in case you need your own SVN server.