is there any lite version of talend?

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is there any lite version of talend?

hello friends,
whenever i opened talend it gets stucked , not responding and taking too much time to load. is there any way to speed up.
my system specifications are
opertaing system : Windows7 32 bit
ram : 2gb
processor : intel dual core
speed : 1.7ghz.
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Re: is there any lite version of talend?

Unfortunately Talend Studio (like Eclipse...which it is built on) is pretty resource heavy. You can try to add more memory given to Talend by editing the .ini file with the same name as the Talend executable. It will have the following by default....




Try upping the -Xmx value.


Having said that, you don't have much memory to play with. FYI I would not use Talend Studio on a machine with a spec lower than at least a 4 core processor (at least i5) and 8GB of RAM.


Re: is there any lite version of talend?


Please take a look at this online Getting Started Guide about:TalendHelpCenterSmiley Tonguererequisites to using Talend Open Studio for Data Integration.

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