filter input data in input component

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filter input data in input component

1.i have 'student' table and i inserted 10 records.i need to create a job to integrate that input table data to output data table('stud_out').10 records inserted to output data table('stud_out').
2.Now after that i insert 5 records in input table('student'),i need to integrate those 5 records also to output data table('stud_out').
But problem here is i need to send newly inserted records(5 records which are inserted newly) from tmap to tMYsqlOutput component to increase performance.I need to filter previous(old) 10 records and i need to send newly added 5 records from tMap to tMYsqlOutput.
But while updating in input table('student') i need to send all input table records from tMap to tMYsqlOutput.In this case i should apply any filter.Because i need to send all records from tMap to tMYsqlOutput.
I need help to solve this issue using TALEND OPEN STUDIO.I dont want to use 'CDC'.
Is there any way i can solve this by using any context variables like that.I am very  1 week old to this tool.
Please help me with screenshots how to implement that,so i will understand soon.

Re: filter input data in input component

If we understand your requirement very well, you want to capture the changed data and only load these changed data into target table? If so, with talend open studio product,  you need to compare tables to achieve your goal.
The work flow should be: Target DB-->tMap(make inner join on your input and set the "Catch lookup inner join reject" as true)-->output
                                     Source DB-->
The output will be the changed data.

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