exit code=255

I have this not clear message :
Starting job import_vh_liste_hotel at 09:38 28/02/2007.
Connecting to talendStudio on port 4334 ...connected.
can't execute update query
Job import_vh_liste_hotel ended at 09:38 28/02/2007.

My debuger show me no more information. TOS build this message at the first row of my export (Excel-->DboutPut)
Have you more information ?

Re: exit code=255

I had chosen ?insert gold update?. when I selected "insert" it's ok. The message is not clear. Moreover why did he want to make a update whereas it was necessary to make an insert (bus not primary key on my table)? it is a bug?

Re: exit code=255

Hi mickael
When you use "insert gold update", TOS wait a primary key in order to can an update. Talend does not know in advance if it will make an insert or an update.
If you must do only insert, you must choose insert.
Best regards