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continuous integration with Talend MDM version 5.2

We are having a Talend MDM Subscription for the version 5.2.2. Can we use Jenkins CI to this version? Or is it mandatory to have a minimum of Talend 6 version to use Jenkins?


I am quite new to Continous Integration area. So thought to get advise from gurus about the same.


Thanks in advance for your help and support


Re: continuous integration with Talend MDM version 5.2


You can use Jenkins with CommandLine and MetaServlet in version 5.2.  However, the CommandLine and MetaServlet has also received feature enhancements in many subsequent releases to add more functionality to support the operations.  You cannot use Maven Build in version 5 since Talend 5.x does not generate the pom files for you.


Proper CI with Maven is done as from version 6.x.  Jenkins is just a driver product.  You can use Bamboo, hudson etc.  


If you are seriously thinking about CI, then go to version 6.x if you can. 


Regarding MDM, what are your usage of MDM right now? And how are you thinking about CI with MDM (not talking DI Batch jobs)?