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Upgrading from v 5.4 to v 6.5

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Need a help currently we are having useful .jar files kept in version 5.4 inside /lib/java folder , we are upgrading to v 6.5.

Need to move some useful .jar file in v 6.5. I checked the structure has changed in v 6.5 as compared in v 5.4.




Re: Upgrading from v 5.4 to v 6.5

Are you using subscription or community version?  Talend 6 and later uses maven, and thus there is .m2 local maven repository.  However, if you are using subscription version, you should leverage Nexus which makes all this much easier.


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Re: Upgrading from v 5.4 to v 6.5

I am using 5.4 enterprise version.


Re: Upgrading from v 5.4 to v 6.5


For product upgrade and project migration, I would suggest you to create a case on our support portal. Our product experts will give you advise and assist you to ensure your product upgrade successful.

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