Upgrading and migrating to a new server

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Upgrading and migrating to a new server



We're upgrading Talend Data Integration 5.0.2 to 6.3.1. For this we have set up a new server.

Installation/upgrade guide only describes new install and upgrade existing environment. What would be the best way to install+migrate+upgrade to a new server?


Would it be possible to do a clean install, then bring in the db + jobs from old server and run upgrade on them?


// Mika


Re: Upgrading and migrating to a new server

Hi mika,

With your subscription solution, it is recommended to create a case on talend support portal so that we can give you a remote assistance(webex)  for your upgrading and migrating server through support cycle with priority.

Best regards


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Re: Upgrading and migrating to a new server

Hi Sabrina,


in the company where I working for, we have also the similar task like Mika has asked. We have an old clustered environment of Talend enterprise data integration 5.3.1 where are lot of jobs running. Also we have installed and prepared the new system with version 6.1.1. on the new servers. What kind of support we should have to have and what type of ticket/case we need to create in the support portal?


Our exact product is Talend Enterprise Data Integration Team edition.


Thank you very much,


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