Unzip errors for TOS_BD-20170623_1246-V6.4.1.zip

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Unzip errors for TOS_BD-20170623_1246-V6.4.1.zip

Hi! This is my first time installing Talend Open Studio for Big Data.

I downloaded the file twice, but get the same error during unzipping the files using WinRar. 

E:\Talend\TOS_BD-20170623_1246-V6.4.1.zip: Checksum error in TOS_BD-20170623_1246-V6.4.1\plugins\bcprov_1.51.0.jar. The file is corrupt
E:\Talend\TOS_BD-20170623_1246-V6.4.1.zip: Checksum error in TOS_BD-20170623_1246-V6.4.1\plugins\org.talend.help_6.4.1.20170622_2101.jar. The file is corrupt
E:\Talend\TOS_BD-20170623_1246-V6.4.1.zip: The archive is corrupt

You should see the above when running the WinRar test (I don't see what is causing the file to get corrupted..and it seems unlikely that the file hosted on the server is corrupted...).

Can someone share the MD5 checksum for "TOS_BD-20170623_1246-V6.4.1.zip", so I can confirm if I got the correct file? 



File size: 2.41 GB (2,590,323,938 bytes)

MD5 checksum:  4a7afc87d807ab93e6d8bf22ed416dd2

WinRar errors listed above.



File size: 2.18 GB (2,342,267,518 bytes)


No WinRar errors.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


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Re: Unzip errors for TOS_BD-20170623_1246-V6.4.1.zip

fist - just test with different unarchiver

I use 7zip - no errors



Re: Unzip errors for TOS_BD-20170623_1246-V6.4.1.zip


Did you download talend open studio big data product from this talend official website:http://www.talend.com/products/big-data/big-data-open-studio/?


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