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Uninstall missing?

Just wanted to test it, works fine - Real great project, not that I want to stop using it, but I start wondering...
I use MS Vista on an Amilo Notebook.
Talend did no entry in the program list nor has it put a bottun somewhere for uninstalling.
So how should uninstallation work? Just deleting?
(Excuse my language, I am not native, still waiting for 100% German babili)

Re: Uninstall missing?

If you want to uninstall talend ( are you really sure ? Smiley Wink ), you only have to delete Talend folder. Talend is
autonomous and when you install it, you only unarchive a zip file.
Smiley Happy
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Re: Uninstall missing?

no I am not sure Smiley Tongue
onliest disadvantige is my dislike for this language Smiley Tongue
But thats surprising, I expected a huge installer and stuff like MS does for any little tool... Smiley Happy
Thx anyway, for setting something like this solution up in an OS Project...
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Re: Uninstall missing? MS does for any little tool.

it's the reason why you've got everything every where and often "you don't know where"thing with launcher Smiley Happy
a little clic on your exe (or a launch .sh) it 's the very easiest and controlable way to excecute your apps .
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Re: Uninstall missing?

The 4.1.2 comes with an uninstall program. The Talend download has two files one is a zip file the other is a self extracting install EXE file. If you take the default download you get the zip file and this one does not have the uninstall program in it. If you delete the 4.1.2 folder it does not fully uninstall the product. The problem I had was afterdeleting 4.1.2 and reinstalling it I could nolonger open a 3.2.2 project. Only when I ran the uninstall program could I reinstall 4.1.2 and open a 3.2.2 project.