Unable to build migrated route migrated that calls a talend job from v6.5 to v7.0.1.

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Unable to build migrated route migrated that calls a talend job from v6.5 to v7.0.1.

Having migrated my project from Talend ESB Studio 6.5 to 7.0.1, I am unable to build any route that contains a cTalendJob component linking to a job in the project. Non migrated routes with jobs seem fine, and routes without jobs are also fine. This has been tried on both Window 10 and Server 2016 machines, with the same issue.


[Edited: My original problem statement was incorrect and so I have updated it.]


I have several routes which include Talend jobs. Some of these have build ok, but I have some that will not build. No error message appears on the studio, but I get the following in the lastGenerated.log file:


[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.karaf.tooling:features-maven-plugin:2.2.9:create-kar (create-kar) on project routeName-Feature: Failed to create kar archive: Cannot access central (http://repo.maven.apache.org/maven2) in offline mode and the artifact org.example.projectName.route:routeName_jobName:jar:0.1.0 has not been downloaded from it before.


What appears to be happening is that the job component of the build is failing to complete - or to submit to the repository - or however it is working now, but without any error message, or generating a lastGenerated.log file in the job directory.


I can run the route in the studio, and I can build the job (for osgi - for zip also fails, referring to lastGenerated.log but there is no error in the log), so it doesn't appear that there is a problem with the route or the job, but something about the way it is trying to build them.


Is there any way of getting the studio to show the messages from (re)building the jobs when trying to build a route? It seems this is the stage in which the problem lies. If I can't get this to work I'm going to have to recommend staying on 6.5 which for a new installation would be a shame.



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Re: Unable to build migrated route migrated that calls a talend job from v6.5 to v7.0.1.

This issue is actually to do with a job that calls sub-jobs, and has been re-raised as a new thread with a more accurate title.


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