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Unable to Open Talend Studio for Data Integration

I have installed Talend Studio 6.5  for data integration  a month ago and today I have been not able to open it because the license is expired. I thought Talend Studio for data integration was free. I have already set up a couple of jobs than i need to run on a daily basis. Please let me know how i can solve this issue or export the jobs? Please find attached the message that pops up when I try to open it. 


Thank you in advance and looking forward to your prompt reply. 


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Re: Unable to Open Talend Studio for Data Integration

Hi Lrmr,


Unfortunately, you have downloaded the trial version of Talend Data Integration which is different from Talend Open Studio. 


When you to this page , you can see that some button are label "try now" meaning it is a trial version of the suscription product (come with extended connectors) but if you keep scrolling you got also a different button "Download Free tool".


To resolve your issue, maybe start by getting the Free tool and try to import the job from the previous workspace.