Talend rpm download

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Talend rpm download

I am very new to Talend. Want  to install  Talend Job server, Studio, Admin, Repo DB ..etc to connect to aws hadoop instances. Where shall  I get the rpm download link for Redhat 7.3 OS version ? Talend Version needed : 6.2.1 .

I am looking for the exact link as the website has lots of components and unable to  find which one to install.Thanks in Advance.


Re: Talend rpm download


Talend Job server, Admin will be available in talend subscription version. Are you looking for a free trial solution for your requirement?

Please take a look at talend bigdata product matrix page to right size your solution.


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Re: Talend rpm download

Talend provides an installer that works on Linux, Windows, Mac.  There is no rpm yet.  And you need a license to be able to download it with the username/password provided in the license email.


The installer will work on Linux without a GUI, and can be automated through answer files.

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