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Talend open studio 7.0.1 Proxy problem



I'm currently using Talend 6.4.1 with success. A few months ago I tried to use TOS DI 6.5.1 but had no luck with the proxy setting. I found a Jira indicating that some proxy issues has been solved here. So open studio 7.0.1 should be ok now.

I downloaded TOS DI 7.0.1 and noticed the problem was not solved for us.

I tried to dowload the basic glazedlist for the context tab but cannot download the file.

When using native proxy configuration. Talend log file shows a problem saying username is null.

2018-05-16 11_01_03-Talend Open Studio for Data Integration ( _.png2018-05-16 11_04_03-log.png

When using direct, no connection is possible in http. It's normal since I have to go through the proxy.
Whenever I'm using manual settings, I can use a direct connection to internet in https and use proxy for http while using a custom firewall rule to open https traffic for my ip. I'm able to download the jars.

This was only for testing purpose, we should go through the proxy for https too.

When hitting the username is null error, we tried to force credentials.
2018-05-16 11_02_32-Preferences.png

But when we save the settings, the credentials are not saved. We reopen the network settings and credentials are gone as shown bellow.
2018-05-16 11_03_06-Preferences.png

We also tried to manually edit org.eclipse.core.net.prefs but authentication settings are not modified in talend, other parameters are correctly updated.

Finally we tried to whitelist the update site of talend in the firexall but with no luck to since it seems to open connections to a lot of others servers (2.18.132.* range mostly and others too). After 10 minutes adding new whitelist IP we still had new ones coming up, it's not safe to add ip's this way since if a new one comes up, we will be stucked again.

So we have two solutions :

- Setting a specific rule for https for talend because it does connect to the proxy correctly in https which seem not a gracefull solution.

- Find how to correct this issue with talend.

I add the log file showing connection problems.

Could you help us?



Re: Talend open studio 7.0.1 Proxy problem


Could you please let us know if this topic works for you?


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