Talend Upgrade: general guidelines

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Talend Upgrade: general guidelines



Does anyone have general guidelines or best practices when upgrading Talend?


E.g. we are upgrading from Talend 6.5.1 to 7.1.1.


We have the Talend MDM Platform, along with Talend MDM runtime and ESB Runtime.


We have both a development environment and production environment.  Our production environment has two TAC servers and two Execution servers for redundancy.


Reading through the Migration documentation is quite daunting and very detailed.


Before I get into the detail by reading through all the documentation, is there any high level overview of what needs to be done? E.g. do we setup completely different servers with a fresh installation of 7.1.1 and then migrate the data/settings across to the new installation, or do we install 7.1.1 on the same 6.5.1 server?  


What is the cleanest and recommended process to upgrade ?


Any ideas from those who have done it, things to watch out for etc?


Re: Talend Upgrade: general guidelines


Have you already referred this online migration guide about:TalendHelpCenter:Talend MDM Platform Migration Guide?

Feel free to create a case on talend support portal with your upgrade MDM platform solution requirement.

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Re: Talend Upgrade: general guidelines

Thanks Sabrina.  Yes I have browsed through that documentation.


However, I was wondering if it would be easier to setup a complete new Talend MDM 7.1.1 environment and then only worry about pointing that new fresh environment to the existing databases etc, rather than trying to upgrade the existing applications on the existing servers ?


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