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Talend Studio release with Java JRE 9 compatibility?

Does anyone know if there is a release of Talend Studio in the works which will include JRE 9 support? The reason I ask is because I have some dependencies in my Talend job which will require JRE 9. If there's no release pending I'll have to seek out other options.


Re: Talend Studio release with Java JRE 9 compatibility?


We are not yet targeting Java 9.  What dependencies you have that requires JRE 9?  Please share.

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Re: Talend Studio release with Java JRE 9 compatibility?

I'm working with Google Adwords and would like to use their latest api v201710 because they seem fairly quick to sunset their api's. I built a custom component using has a dependency on google's adword-axis libraries found on MavenCentral.


When I attempt to run my Talend Job with this component with the adwords-axis dependency the error message is: 

Unsupported major.minor version 53.0

When I remove this dependency and downgrade the component and it's dependencies to Google Adwords v201702 I don't run into this issue and the job completes as expected. Since the v201710 api is going to be sunsetted on 02/14/2018 the stop gap has been to use v201705. However, this only buys me about a month of time before it's sunset of 03/28/2018.


Most likely I will be building a stand-alone program to use the v201710 api and schedule it as a cron-job.