Talend Studio fail to connect to TAC

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Talend Studio fail to connect to TAC

My talend studio v6.4.1 unable to connect to TAC. The error message which i get was Connection timeout to server.


I had try to change the timeout setting as attached but i still get the same message.

I had try out to check the web-app url under Manage Connections using both ip and tac server name but still get the same connection timeout error message. I can access the tac admin web page using the web-app url that keep in the Manage Connections.


May i know is there any way to bypass the step to get updated project and deployed the changes without the need for the connection from talend studio to TAC.


This is quite urgent for me and appreciate if anyone can share your opinions as the work is delayed ( cant get the latest project to do necessary changes).


Many Thanks.


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Re: Talend Studio fail to connect to TAC

Hi there,


Have you tried to create a local connection (manage Connection) first then see if your remote project are there?


However, the update to the repository requires a TAC connection as the studio retrieve the repository credentials from it. So working locally will only enables you to keep the development but at the detriment of losing collaboration features if TAC is unreachable.





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Re: Talend Studio fail to connect to TAC

Hi AdrienAussie,

Thanks for your reply.


I did try out as well, my remote project are visible through  a local connection. 


However, due to the urgency, i try my luck to do a clean reinstallation for both the talend studio and java JDK and it works for me and now i can see my remote project through the talend studio.