Talend Studio 7.0.1 (ESB) Download Inicorrect Exchange Components

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Talend Studio 7.0.1 (ESB) Download Inicorrect Exchange Components

Upgrading to Talend 7.0.1 from Talend 6.5, I have tried to download the necessary components from Exchange, and it's doing very odd things:

From the downloaded extentions page I now have this:

  • Extension NameDownloaded VersionDownload DateInstall/Update
    Anonymizer Scenarios for Caesar1.02018-05-01Install

I have tried to download tJobInstance_component_collection but what it has done is download the two later components instead.


How do I get the component I need installed. (I already have it downloaded, but the old way of putting it into a components directory doesn't seem to work with the new version of studio - you can use the components on the designer but the job (or associated route) doesn't build successfully.


This is preventing me test anything with V7. Any help or suggested directions would be gratefully received.




Re: Talend Studio 7.0.1 (ESB) Download Inicorrect Exchange Components

Which issue do you have when you install the components manually from the folder?


What i did simply is:

- download the components (tJobInstance_component_collection)

- create a new directory for example "components" (no matter the location), unzip the components on it. (take care this folder should directly contain the folder names of components, cf: tJobDataRangeScanner, tJobInstanceEnd, tJobInstanceLiveCheck, tJobInstanceStart)

go to preferences Talend/Components

- setup the user component folder (the folder just created before for "components")


Then everything is fine. (and job can be built without problem also)


If you still have issues even when building jobs, it might be worth to create a bug (and attach the logs of studio of course)

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Re: Talend Studio 7.0.1 (ESB) Download Inicorrect Exchange Components



Thanks - that is what I did initially and I had problems, but they are possibly unrelated.


However, I noticed that there is the function to download through the Talend Studio using the Exchange tab.


When selecting the module I wanted to download, I found that instead it downloaded something else, so in my example, the two items shows as downloaded 1st May, I never selected, or tried to download. I clicked the link for one module, and it downloaded something else instead (which incidentally generated an error message on installation).


However, I think the source of my compiling problem was unrelated to the components, but the upgrade of the project from 6.5 to 7 (see another of my posts here).



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Re: Talend Studio 7.0.1 (ESB) Download Inicorrect Exchange Components


the download does not work.

JobInstance_component_collection 6.5 2018-03-13 Install

How can I download the JobInstance_component_collection?
Is there a link to it?