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Talend Open Studio in Citrix enviroment

We are in the process of migrating our servers to a centralized enviroment using Citrix. Management want to move all applications running in individual desktops to the Citrix server and then have users access their own virtual desctop. We installed TOS in the server's "C" drive, but the problem is that all user's data is saved to the same directory, where the application is. So, data gets overwitten eveytime somebody different uses Talend. Is there any way to have TOS store user's application data in, well, C:\Documents and Settings\USER\application Data. Pretty much the same issue reported in the link below. If not, if there a work around? Thanks
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Re: Talend Open Studio in Citrix enviroment

You can have only one TOS installation for different user, but they should create different connection and use personal workspace if you do not want the data gets overwritten everytime.
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Re: Talend Open Studio in Citrix enviroment

Thanks Shong.