Talend Open Studio 5.6 and PostgreSQL 10

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Talend Open Studio 5.6 and PostgreSQL 10


I've been running Talend Open Studio 5.6 (community edition) with PostgreSQL 9 for years. Now I tested using PostgreSQL 10 as a data source but that didn't work out at all (Connection failure, Schema not present in Database) and I'm wondering what to do to make that work?


I haven't explored newer versions of Talend. Is upgrading from 5.6 to a more current one a trivial task? If not, is there a particular version that I could easily upgrade to that would support Pg10 or is it just a matter of upgrading the PostgresSQL JDBC driver and continue using my current version? I'm not so much developing new jobs with Talend than I am administering existing ones at the moment so I'm hoping to get this done with minimum effort.


Re: Talend Open Studio 5.6 and PostgreSQL 10


With talend open studio for data integration 5.6, PostgreSQL 10 is not list in the supported database table.

For more information, please have a look at this online document about:TalendHelpCenter: Supported systems, databases and business applications

Here exists a new feature jira issue about PostgreSQL 10 Support.


In the documentation we provide a list of databases that are supported, in the sense that we do provide an SLA and technical support for them. This doesn't mean other (non-listed) databases will not work but simply we won't necessarily be equipped to help you with any issue you may face with them.

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Re: Talend Open Studio 5.6 and PostgreSQL 10

I replaced the JDBC driver




with newer postgresql-42.2.2.jar. It has worked so far.