Talend ESB Community Edition - setup Runtime ESBSE

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Talend ESB Community Edition - setup Runtime ESBSE

Hi Everyone,


I'm trying to configure community edition of Talend ESB(6.5 version). Studio was up and running within minutes... so no problem there. I'm wondering how can make runtime ESBSE work, I'm going step by step  according to documentation available HERE. I'm really not able to move beyond this point. I was able to Run Talend Runtime Container. But when I use command tesb:start-all, the window does not really show any progress. What am I missing? 

I even went further and clicked activemq.bat to launch ActiveMQ, but not sure whats wrong here too. 

Attaching screen shot for reference. Thank you very much... 



Re: Talend ESB Community Edition - setup Runtime ESBSE


The documentation as you referred is for V 5.6.

After starting Talend Runtime, you need to wait a few seconds for initialization to complete before entering the commands. Karaf starts the non core bundles in the background. So even if the console is already available, the job commands may not.

Please have a look at this online documentation for V 6.5 TalendHelpCenter:Talend ESB Container Administration Guide

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Re: Talend ESB Community Edition - setup Runtime ESBSE

Hi! Looking at your screenshot, it looks like it has worked fine - it just doesn't tell you it's done anything.


If you type list before and after the tesb:start-all command you will see lots more services have been started.


(If you've already started them once you don't need to restart each time you start trun.bat)


I run activemq through karaf rather than as a separate service, so I have to enter

feature:install activemq
feature:install activemq:broker

in order to get the AMQ service installed and started. (Again - only once - it remembers what is installed between trun sessions)


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