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Talend Data Management Platform components requirement

Where can I find the cost of the components of Talend that paid for?

  • DB connectors that would be required for SQL Server, Oracle DB and MySQL.
  • Real time integration using web service and/or JMS with systems like SFDC, Oracle ERP, Siebel CRM, SAP, and MS Dynamics
  • Email server integration.
  • Generation & export o fData Quality dashboards, ETL process logs, and Data Preparation logs/reports.
  • Is there any difference in charges for development, testing and production environments.
    • Note – Talend experts: Please suggest additional components and their respective costs for and end to end Data Quality solution (import, standardize, enrich, business rules, profiling, match & merge, publish).  Including 2 source systems, 2 web services, a database like MS SQL Server or MySQL, and Talend data management platform

Re: Talend Data Management Platform components requirement


For your cost requirement, please feel free to contact us

You can call us directly according to your location or send an email to Our consultant will help you to right size your talend solution.

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