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Talend Cloud requirements

i am planning to hands on Talend integration with cloud on my PC. to practice Cloud what other tools are required. 


Re: Talend Cloud requirements

You can subscribe to a trial on Integration Cloud :
For a simple user, you have to download the Studio that is available under your settings/downloads.
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Re: Talend Cloud requirements

Following are powerful tools used for practice cloud to increase productivity and agility.
1. Kaavo’s product handles configuration changes to the cloud environment. It can also manage the infrastructure and application layers.
2. Zeus came up with Application Delivery Controller used to control traffic in web server. It also used to destroy and generate the additional instances in cloud whenever it's required.
3. Scalr is hosted on google used to triggered upsizing and downsizing based on traffic demands.
CloudWatch for EC2 can serve as a central management console used by amazon web services.