Talend Big data enterprise - system requirement

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Talend Big data enterprise - system requirement

We are trying to install talend enterprise for big data cluster mode installation for following  Talend server modules.

Given talend workload looking for  100 GB/ Hour  by running Jobs

List of the server component in detail we are trying to install.

Talend Administration Center + Talend Activity Monitoring ConsoleWeb application
Talend Runtime
Talend Data Quality Portal
Talend Data Preparation
Talend Data Stewardship
Talend Dictionary Service


Q: How to calculate Memory, storage, network, CPU for following talend server modules.  Or what will be the exact figure for 20 TB data load here


We figured out  - OS  and Network for talend server module. still,  banging head against the wall from last 3 days for memory, CPU, storage for talend server modules.


Attached here in XLS  file as  "talend_Enterprise_sys_req". it contains all latest finding related to my work.  Please check and advise for a probable figure in terms of memory, CPU, storage columns.


ANY HELP on it would be much appreciated?







Re: Talend Big data enterprise - system requirement


Before installing your talend product, have you already checked this documents about:TalendHelpCenter:Hardware requirements and TalendHelpCenter: Software requirements?

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Re: Talend Big data enterprise - system requirement

 I checked the documentation already in that minimum hardware configuration has been given. Here,  I  am trying to search for  Hardware as per workload mentioned in question   that is 100 GB/hour. Please suggest as per workload.  thanks in advance