Talend 7.0 'Connection to Generator Failed (CommandLine)'

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Talend 7.0 'Connection to Generator Failed (CommandLine)'

Hello guys,


We've recently installed TIS 7.0 by a Talend expert (he works at Talend), he didn't install the command line as it's not necessary for this version and the latest versions of Talend don't need anymore the cmdline.(as he said)

We generated and deployed successfully a job conductor the day he installed the product. unfortunately it's not the case for now as I get the following error every time I try to generate a job from the TAC 'Connection to Generator Failed (CommandLine)'. 


do you guys have any ideas about the error ?


thanks in advance.


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Re: Talend 7.0 'Connection to Generator Failed (CommandLine)'


When you are using TAC->Job Conductor to deploy jobs on JobServer, the commandline need to be started up.

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Re: Talend 7.0 'Connection to Generator Failed (CommandLine)'

The commandline is deprecated in this version that's why the Talend expert didn't install it.


Talend advise now to use the Talend CI builder.


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