Talend - 6.5.1 Third Party Libraries (Jars)


Talend - 6.5.1 Third Party Libraries (Jars)


We are installing version 6.5.1 for a customer whose environment is locked down. It does not allow downloading third party jars from Studio. The customer did open up their firewall for Talend to download the software installer from the links provided in the license email and the link to download the jars seems to be the following:




I'm assuming both use the same protocol and port. If not then please do let me know and potential reason why the jar downloads could be blocked while the installers can be downloaded without any issues. I do notice that installer is from opensourceetl.net so could it be that the firewall is actually open for this domain and not Talend?


Would appreciate some insight. Thanks!!

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Re: Talend - 6.5.1 Third Party Libraries (Jars)

Did you already check the post



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