TOS DI On OSX Sierra

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TOS DI On OSX Sierra

Hi Folks,


Having some trouble installing this, which is not a good start when I'm trying to sell it internally.

I've got Java 8 installed, I've tried the xattr command, I've tried installing unzipping with Keka, I've tried putting it all under /Applications/

Still no joy, here's the log.


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Re: TOS DI On OSX Sierra

After reading the log more carefully,  I was curious about:



I was certain everything was still using 1.8.x ... after digging, it seems I do have Java 9 installed in /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/

I tried setting JAVA_HOME and whatnot, but its a pain to set globally on Mac's so I ended up vandalizing:

sudo vi

Per the inline comments, set the "-vm" option and pointed it to my JDK 1.8.0 and amazingly it now starts.


It can only get easier from here right ? Smiley Happy


Re: TOS DI On OSX Sierra


Thanks for sharing your solution with us on forum.

Best regards


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