[TOS-6.4.1]: Issue - Missing Jar-File hadoop-conf-....jar

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[TOS-6.4.1]: Issue - Missing Jar-File hadoop-conf-....jar

Hello Everybody, I want to configure a connection for Talend Open Studio V6.4.1 to our Hortonworks Data Platform V2.4. Inside Meta-Data I start to create a new Hadoop Cluster named "testHadoopCluster". After entering all the necessary information I pressed the button "Check Services", but then a window opens and tells me that I have to install a missing Jar-File named "hadoop-conf-testHadoopCluster.jar". - Why is a JAR-file needed where the name of my Hadoop Cluster is part of the JAR-filename? - Why is this JAR-file needed for the service check? - How can I solve this issue? Many thanks. Best regards, I.R.

Re: [TOS-6.4.1]: Issue - Missing Jar-File hadoop-conf-....jar


Have you already checked documents about:TalendHelpCenter:Centralizing a Hadoop connection and TalendHelpCenter:Connecting to custom Hadoop distribution?

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