TAC Upgrade

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TAC Upgrade



I have a few questions about TAC/TIE upgrade.


1. I installed 6.3.1 in Production April this year. Now the latest release version is 6.4.1, ans 6.5 is on the way. Where can I find the release note of each version(6.3.2,6.4.1) to check what's new in this each release?


2. How often should I upgrade TAC/TIE in production? Since upgrade isn't a trivial task, I'm normal sticked to only upgrade when I need features in the new releases, or to close security holes.


3. I have to request new release file of TDI links from support, then get the license key of new release for it to run. Is it possible to get the new release files directly from support portal to trial/test or should I test TOS instead?








Re: TAC Upgrade


According to your product solution(Talend Data Integration), you can check the release notes from talend help center:TalendHelpCenter:Talend Data Integration Release Notes about new features.

Talend provides community users with a free trial of ETL Tool and Data Integration software solution. You can download it freely from:https://info.talend.com/trial-talend-data-integration.html?type=productspage&lang=2.148339767.183219...

Note: Free trail solution has studio only without server part(TAC, commandline..)

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Re: TAC Upgrade

Thanks, Sabrina.

Any good rule of thumb on how often to upgrade TAC ?


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