Remote Engines & Local File Systems?


Remote Engines & Local File Systems?

I had a question about if an Action runs on a customers hardware and the Remote Engine was given full access to file systems on the network, for example shared file systems or mount to a NAS storage, then can the file Actions just point to the file locations and read/write files like that?  Or, will the Remote Engine note be open to such file sharing so the customer will need to use sFTP or FTP to get files from within the same on-premise network as the Remote Engine is installed?


Re: Remote Engines & Local File Systems?

the Remote Engine that comes as an installer has local file access to the machine it is being deployed to. It is just restricted by the rights the operating system  user has.
If you choosing the virtual image then local file access is constraint the same way it is constraint in the Cloud Engine. The network though is open, thus NAS, FTP, JDBC access all will just work fine.
Thomas Steinborn
VP Product Management

Re: Remote Engines & Local File Systems?

Thanks, that lead to another question, what OS will the Remote Engines be supported on? Window, Linux, Unix?

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