Reinstalling third party libraries

Reinstalling third party libraries

Hi there,


I've installed Talend Data Integration, but I wanted to uninstall it so I could document the installation procedures.  The very first time I ran the application, it spent a great deal of time downloading many third party libraries but on subsequent attempts, it does not do this.


How can I force Talend Data Integration to re-install all of those third party libraries?   



Re: Reinstalling third party libraries

It all depends on your configuration

Do the following:

  • Close your studio
  • Delete the folders
    • studio\configuration\.m2
    • studio\configuration\org.eclipse.core.runtime
    • configuration\org.eclipse.e4.ui.css.swt.theme
    • studio\configuration\
    • studio\configuration\org.eclipse.equinox.launcher
    • studio\configuration\
    • studio\configuration\org.eclipse.osgi
    • studio\configuration\org.eclipse.update


1) If you are using studio locally without connecting to TAC Projects, then it will redownload the libraries from the Talend update site on the internet.

2) If you are connecting to TAC and you Nexus is properly configured, then it will redownload the libraries from your local Nexus repositories.  In that case, you need to delete the third party libraries in your nexus repositories.  This documentation explains how the Nexus is used.