Questions about installing Talend Open Studio

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Questions about installing Talend Open Studio

Hello Talend Community,

I’m a newbie in Talend and I have questions about the installation of Talend Open Studio.

Is it possible to use a single Talend Open Studio path for multiple users?


I have found following solution:
Setting up the Studio for multiple users on a single installation (Windows OS)
Is this also applicable to the Open Studio version and Linux OS?

In our environment, we do not have Internet access, so the external modules can only be downloaded once outside of our environment. Since several developers should gain experience with Talend, it would be good if the external modules could be automatically distributed internally to the individual developers.

Now my ideas:
•    Terminal Solution with a centralizied .m2/repository for every user
•    Load the external modules via sonatype nexus and distribute them to the various installations (ex: local repository)

Or a more practical solution exists?

Thank you in advance.



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Re: Questions about installing Talend Open Studio

I copy and paste an old comment posted by dferguson on our old THC to here, I have never tried it, so I am not sure if it works.
"Try going to preferences and looking for the Maven settings (type "Maven" into the search bar). There should be a section there where you can specify a global maven_user_settings.xml file. Make sure each user sets their global file path to this file. After this, you can edit that maven_user_settings.xml to point to the .m2 directory (Maven repository) which you want to use as your common repository."

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Re: Questions about installing Talend Open Studio

Has anyone been able to adjust the multi-user settings to support Linux OS?