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Problem to register sapjco3.jar

I checked many posts concerning sap connnector installation, starting from and bmaat's description, so that
- I put the sapjco3.dll into c:Windows\system32 directory and
- added the sapjco3.jar installation directory to the CLASSPATH environment variable
- I restarted Talend Studio 3.0.3
But I still cannot get the SAP connector to be flagged to be properly installed.
V3.0.3 is no improvement over V3.02 in this respect.
What else could be wrong ?
How can I fix this ?
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Re: Problem to register sapjco3.jar

Hello Winf3
I just installed sap connector successfully. Here are my steps:
1) Download the sapjco.jar(in my case, it is sapjco.jar, not sapjco3.jar) and put it into TOS-Win32-r21383-V3.0.3\lib\java.
2) Put sapjcorfc.dll and librfc32.dll into C:\WINDOWS\system32.
3) Restart TOS, if it shows uninstall, click on 'refresh' button. See the screenshot.
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Re: Problem to register sapjco3.jar

Thank you, shone !
I had not been aware, that Talend only works with Version 2 of Sapjco. I downloaded V2.18, applied your description and now it works !