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Problem importing zip file

Im trying to import another persons code (zip file) from SVN. I can import a small part of it but most is missing.
The error I get is:
'filename': cannot find the associated Project File in the path you provided.
Unfortunately we cant export the code again .. Ive tried taking different versions from SVN, trying on different Talend versions and even copying the .zip file back from the linux host but to no avail.
Any ideas?

Re: Problem importing zip file

Your TIS shared repository is properly set up ?
Normally your project is saved by Talend into your SVN server and then your other developers can have access to the JobDesign, Metadata ...
The exportScripts is not something that we saved into our repository; this is a development repository. Then the CommandLine and the TalendScheduler/Your own Scheduler will take place to deploy and schedule the Job on the production.
Please can you give us more detail about your Shared repository configuration, and the issue encountered.
Best regards;

Re: Problem importing zip file

hi Adrian,
you must export the jobs from the studio itself through using the "export items" button on the toolbar. If you just copy and transfer the files straight from the SVN folders, the import will not work. there are other files such as the project file that are required to import into the studio. hence your error.
otherwise, try transferring the entire project folder in the SVN!
btw, the project file is in the root directory of the project folder in the SVN. i believe it's called ".project" and "talend.project"