Prerequisites for Talend Data Management Platform

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Prerequisites for Talend Data Management Platform

I am going to install server version of Talend Data Management Platform on a headless RHEL.
There is a list of recommended software which includes:

Web application server
Web browser
Version control systems
So my there are my questions:

Which of this stuff should be installed before starting installation of the Data Mngmt Plt server?
Can I use Talend installer to install server features (including TAC) or the only way to install server is the manual installation?
If I can install server features with Talend installer, then will the list of recommened software be installed autamaticaly or should I install all this stuff (Java, Tomcat) beforhand? Ok it is almost the same with the first quistion but i am really worried about it Smiley Happy

Re: Prerequisites for Talend Data Management Platform

Have you already checked online installation guide for linux?
You can install your talend product using talend installer. 
Please take a look at document about:TalendHelpCenter:Installing your Talend product using Talend Installer
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