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Placement of components being added to a job?

Is there some config setting which can be changed to control the placement of new components in a job to land on the part of the job that is currently active?


It seems every time I attempt to add a new component, the new component ends up on the far right side of the job and I have to scroll far to the right side to find it and move it all the way back to the left side of the job.


Re: Placement of components being added to a job?


Could you please post some screenshots on forum which will be helpful for us to understand your requirement?

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Re: Placement of components being added to a job?

The requirement is when a database component is added from a database connection under "Db Connections" under "Metadata", the component should land on the visible workspace where the component was released.


The problem occurs when new components are added to a big job that caused the workspace to have a scroll bar. 


It seems to be specific to when components for database tables or views are added from Metadata.


In this screenshot you can see the oracle component was added on the far right side of the workspace, which doesn't make sense because when I added the component I had the workspace scrolled all the way to the left side. Notice the amount of scroll bar I had to move to the right to find where the component was added.