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Permission issue with Job Server

Hi there,

we are experimenting with decoupling Talend services into multiple server. As of now, we have JobServer and CmdLine is one server and the rest in another server.


Since I am not very familiar with Talend setup, can someone please help me understand the following error? I am trying to execute a Task using Job Conductor and I get the following message: /etc/talend/Administrator/generatedJobs/task_8/ (Permission denied)


I have created /etc/talend/Administrator/generatedJobs/ in the "TAC" server and granted the root account r/w access to it. I am using "root' for "run job as OS user".


I am using 6.2.1 on CentOS 7.3



Re: Permission issue with Job Server

You should not install anything into the /etc directory on Linux - Talend or not. This will never work properly. E.g. security tools like selinux will get into your way.

Reinstall in /opt
Thomas Steinborn
VP Product Management
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Re: Permission issue with Job Server

Thank you for the feedback. I installed talend on /etc based on the information available at


As you can see, it mentions /etc/talend as the software root.


Is this resource not valid?