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Password encryption in TAC database



We are trying to achieve automatic configuration and installation of a Talend platform using Docker. We are struggling to configure automatically the SVN server and the Nexus server. We have managed to configure the usernames but not the passwords. It seems they are encrypted in the database but we can't figure out which encryption method was used. 

Do you have any information about this?





Re: Password encryption in TAC database


Are you trying to automate the configuration in TAC and would like to encrypt you SVN password and add it to the

If you automate the creation of users through the Metaservlet, according to, when encryptedPassword flag is set to true, user creation is done by passing directly MD5 encrypted passwords.

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Re: Password encryption in TAC database

We are trying to update the "configuration" table, specifically the "nexus.libPassword" and "svn.serverpassword" lines. We are doing this to skip manually editing the configuration page in the TAC (See attached files). I can't find any svn configuration in the file and what we are trying to achieve does'nt seem to be supported by the Metaservlet.

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Re: Password encryption in TAC database

, I've have a tutorial on how to crypt passwords in talend configuration files.
Hope it can help others having the same need.
It is in french, but Jobs capture and code should be easy to understand.