Older Versions of Open Studio DI for installation?

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Older Versions of Open Studio DI for installation?

Do you know how to get older versions of the Open Studio products (in particular Data Integration)? I have downloaded the current version and it is EXTREMELY buggy. Starting with opening the product I continually get prompted to install "Required 3rd party libraries" and optional. After installing, restart prompts, and restart, the process starts again. I have re-installed about 15-20 times now. I have re-installed as well. I am running as Administrator and there are no network issues.
Well, it would be nice if this was the only issue but I have found many in my short time with the product. It hangs frequently and is super slow. I also get many java exceptions in job execution and simple tasks such as view installation history. This version was not ready for distribution.
I have been very happy with version 5.6 and older. I was hoping to find a more stable version with the new look-n-feel, perhaps 6.0.

Re: Older Versions of Open Studio DI for installation?

Hi jsandl01,
Please visit this page and go down where you will find the list of Talend version available : http://www.talend.com/download/talend-open-studio?qt-product_tos_download=3#qt-product_tos_download
I would recommend you to download and try our latest GA version 6.0.1 :
Or like you said; you can find the older 5.6.2 :
The 6.1.x that you downloaded is only a BETA release and will be GA by the end of the year.
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Re: Older Versions of Open Studio DI for installation?

Thank you very much. That's good to know about the beta status of the 6.1.x product. That was the download version provided as your current (default) version without any warning of the readiness state of the product. May I suggest you provide some communication on the download site and how to get to the GA version.

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