OGR Error: Unsupported SRS GDAL

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OGR Error: Unsupported SRS GDAL


I have windows 10. I installed:

- TOS 6.0.0.,

- TOS Spatial 6.0.1.,

- JRE 8,

- gdal-202-1600-x64-core.msi (compiler MSVC 2010) 


I did everythink accoring to this document



What work:

- TOS open properly,

- first_test work correct,

- data download work correct,

- simple transformation with component sShapefileInput and sShapefileOutput work correct,

- create generic schema using OGR work correct,

- simple transformation sOgrInput and tLogRow return error below

image.png- simple transformation sOgrInput and sOgrOutput return the same error and file is not generated.


I test standalone gdal application with cmd and everything is correct.


I lost a lot of hour and I can't resolve it.

Any suggestion.







Re: OGR Error: Unsupported SRS GDAL


Does this issue repro on other build version? For v6 of Talend products JDK 1.8 is required instead of JRE. Could you please try to install JDK 1.8 instead of JRE to see if it works?

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