Migration from TAC to TIC on Linux

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Migration from TAC to TIC on Linux


Our current production environment is all Linux including Studio with TAC. We are migrating to TIC and i was able to setup the Engine component of TIC on linux but for studio we are switching over to Windows. So does this work with the engine  in linux and studio on windows. We have a lot of jobs that use files as input and output , will the file folder path work in the two environment or do we have to code keeping in mind that execution will be on linux that kind or restricts us to do any testing in windows.

what are the recommended practice for TIC setup?




Re: Migration from TAC to TIC on Linux


For your subscription based product migration requirement, it is recommended that you create a case on talend support portal so that we can give you a remote assistance by scheduling a webex session through support cycle with priority If you don't mind.


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Re: Migration from TAC to TIC on Linux

Talend Cloud will support engines on Linux. So your jobs can continue to run unchanged for production purposes.


As for as Studio is concerned: if you do want to test within Studio then yes indeed you need to take Windows specifics into account. That tends to be a component specific change though. You typically find path and line ending settings in each file component.




Thomas Steinborn
VP Product Management