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Library location URL, username and password for SVN

Hello everyone,
I am a newbie in your world, so please bear with me if this is a silly question, and I don't see the answer.
Environment: Ubuntu 14.04, Oracle Java 7, Tomcat 7, Talend Enterprise for DI 5.6.2, Subversion 1.8.8, Wizard Easy Install of all components on one server.
I configured everything in TAC, apart from SVN, which is only partly configured. I get green ticks next to the first four parameters:
Server location URL: svn+ssh://tisadmin@X.X.X.X/svn/repotis/
Username: tisadmin
Password: yyyy
Commit log pattern: {0}
However, I cannot figure out what the next three values should be:
Library username: tisadmin
Library password: yyyy
Library location URL "should be the location URL to the SVN directory where the external libraries downloaded at Studio start-up are stored" and "outside the repository in which your projects are stored."
Whatever I enter I get "not a valid URL”. For /opt/TalendTools-5.6.2/studio/configuration/lib/java/ it could be a privilege issue, so I try /svn/repotis/ or even the home directory of tisadmin. Same message. Is it the user? Is it the access? Is it the version if SVN?
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Re: Library location URL, username and password for SVN

Hi Ioana
I also fumbled with this for a while :-)
It turns out that this should be a separate project in SVN. 
So when you have your URL for the normal talend projects as svn+ssh://tisadmin@X.X.X.X/svn/repotis/, the URL for the Library could be e.g. svn+ssh://tisadmin@X.X.X.X/svn/library/ (where the SVN project is called library).
This is where Talend will store all the external jars for components where you need to accept the different license type. This way they only need to be downloaded once and should be available for all developers.
Best regards, Lise
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Re: Library location URL, username and password for SVN

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for your help! This is exactly what I was missing: the library is a project in SVN, not just a directory. Your suggestion set me on the right track.
Best regards,