Launch Talend BD on apple computer...

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Launch Talend BD on apple computer...


I have a problem when i launch TOS-BD on my mac.

The message : The TOS_BD-macosx-cocoa executable launcher was unable to locate its companion shared library.

I'm shure a lot of people will have the same message.

I have try to unzip the version TOS-DI whith kekaosx

 and it runs ! but when i try whith TOS-BigData i t doesn't work
If someone have a solution to unzip correctly TOS-BD on Mac...Man Surprised
Thank you.
Christophe from France (Bourg-En-Bresse)
Christophe Chabreuil

Re: Launch Talend BD on apple computer...

Hello Christophe,

Here is a related jira issue:

Could you please check the solution provided in jira issue to see if it works?

Best regards


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