Issue in Private Cloud Server Install and Local PC Client

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Issue in Private Cloud Server Install and Local PC Client



I just installed Talend server custom in private cloud and installed client in my PC. I tried to connect but its not working.

Host: http://<servername>:8080/org.talend.administrator. 


The server installation through - Talend-Installer-<date.version> 


and here are my choices for installation - 


Talend Administration Center [Y/n] :Y
Talend Log Server [Y/n] :Y
Talend IAM Service [Y/n] :n
Talend Data Stewardship [Y/n] :n
Talend Command Line [Y/n] :n
Talend Runtime [Y/n] :n
Talend Job Server (Execution Server) [y/N] : y
Talend Data Quality Portal [Y/n] :Y
Talend Data Preparation [Y/n] :n
Talend SAP RFC Server [Y/n] :n
Talend Studio [Y/n] :n
Talend ESB [Y/n] :n
Talend Server Services [Y/n] :n
Is the selection above correct? [Y/n]: Y


The client one is just straight forward, easy install in windows.. 


I mostly used the default settings when i was installing as i thought this can be configured after? 

i.e. - 

Nexus Port
[8081]: 8081
Nexus Host:


I also got this error below when doing the install in the server: 

Error: Error running /app/talend/jre1.8.0_171/bin/java -cp
"/app/Talend-7.0.1/tdqp/ojdbc7.jarSmiley Surprisedrg.talend.dataprofiler.datamart.init.jar"
org.talend.dataprofiler.datamart.Datamart : Exception in
thread "main" java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError
at org.talend.dataprofiler.datamart.Datamart.main(
Caused by: java.lang.Exception: Error occurred during the datamart creation, for
more information please refer to the detail error log.


Press [Enter] to continue :

Setup has finished installing Talend on your computer.







Has anyone experienced this before? Hope you can share any insights. 



Re: Issue in Private Cloud Server Install and Local PC Client


With your installation issue, could you please create a case on talend support portal so that we can give you a remote assistance(webex session) through support portal with priority?

You can access the Talend Customer Portal with the following URL:

Best regards


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Re: Issue in Private Cloud Server Install and Local PC Client


Just checking was there any resolution on this as I am seeing similar issue?


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