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Installing missing modules from Talend

I have updated my talend to 6.2 version but it seems there are tons of module/dependencies that are not installed and required. I want to do the download and install them from inside Talend using the green down arrow but since my server is not in an internet zone inside the company, I need to give it limited access to the internet.
My question is, our network and firewall administrator needs to open the internet for the server only for specific and known urls. So if the modules exist in talend or oracle/java server could you kindly provide me with the url or list of urls?
Thank you.

Re: Installing missing modules from Talend

Hi MO,
Have you already checked document about:TalendHelpCenter:Installing external modules?
If you are working behind a network proxy, make sure you have correctly set up your proxy before you can download and install external modules in your Studio. To access the proxy settings, select Window > Preferences from the menu to open the  window, then expand the General node and click Network Connections.
Add the web site and the port 443 to the whitelist.
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Re: Installing missing modules from Talend

Yes I did check it, but I will try the URL you provided to give it to our network admin as he will only open internet for this specific URL so I can install all the required modules. Since as I mentioned before the server where the Talend 6.2 is installed is in a no internet zone and they will give me internet temporarily but it wont be open internet instead they will open for me one or more URLs that are required for downloading the required modules.