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Installing Talend on Cluster

I have a basic question on Talend install. We plan to do small POCs using Talend.
I was able to install Talend Enterprise trial version on my windows desktop. Our demo cluster is a 4 node cluster using CDH 5. I am able to get the components to browse through HDFS by using the distribution as HortonWorks V2.
I designed my job in the studio and using the build option I have created the zip and exported to the cluster. When I have executed, it worked fine.
Should I have anything installed on the cluster? We don't want to install a lot of things if they are not absolutely required as our aim is only to create and demonstrate POC jobs.

Re: Installing Talend on Cluster

Are you looking for document TalendHelpCenter:Working in cluster mode.
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Re: Installing Talend on Cluster

You do not need to install anything on your Hadoop cluster you will simply need to copy the exported jobs to the cluster, however it may aid in your development to install a jobserver on an edge node so you can execute code directly on the cluster from the studio.